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In addition to his beautiful ceramics, Capelo is famous throughout Mexico for his architectural designs, oil paintings, and mixed-media sculptures. Currently, he divides his time teaching art classes at the nearby University of Guanajuato, managing the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and supervising a team of artists in his ceramic studio. The studio and his home are perched on a hillside above Guanajuato, with breathtaking views of the valley and city below.

Capelo’s ceramics are set apart by the soft, almost translucent glazes he uses. There is an especially unique and captivating quality to the glazes, which encourages you to touch, feel, and use Capelo’s pieces as often as possible. Recently, I asked Capelo what it was about his glazes that made them different. He replied simply that his glazes are all-natural and do not have any of the additives that cheaper, modern glazes contain.

The explanation fits the artist’s modest, no-nonsense personality perfectly. Capelo has refused to compromise or change his glazes or technique over the years. He does things the right way or not at all. I can personally attest to his seeming indifference when it comes to doing business — he is not a salesman, but a true artist focused on creating beautiful artwork.

Capelo has spent his life immersed in art and his work exemplifies both his perfectionism and his technical success. The fact that all his ceramics are one of a kind just adds to their charm.

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