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Ceramica Valenciana

The full name of Ceramica Valenciana is La Cerámica Valenciana de José Gimeno, established in 1925. This family-run business makes a full range of Spanish ceramics. Most famous for tiles (known as Azulejos in Spain) and reproductions of traditional pieces from the 18th century, they also create many modern pieces, from lamps and canisters to dishes and bowls.

Ceramica Valenciana’s high quality ceramics has earned the studio a variety of honors and awards. They won the Manises “Qualitat i Disseny” award in 1994, 1997, and 2000; the Alfa Gold Award in 1980, 2000, and 2002; and the NOVA for craft (the highest award from the Generalitat Valenciana) in 2006.

But even with all these modern accolades, the artists at Ceramica Valenciana still stick to their traditional majolica methods. Pieces are all handmade and hand-painted, which gives every jar, plate, bowl, and vase a truly unique character. The workshop still occupies the original space and is an absolutely stunning building. The architecture is eye-catching and the perfect home for the seemingly endless amounts of ceramic masterpieces the artists create.

Ceramica Valenciana was one of the reasons I started Emilia Ceramics years ago. I love  how their ceramics combine tradition, innovation, and fun Spanish personality.

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