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Ceramiche Bartoloni

Brothers Patrizio and Stefano Bartoloni started their ceramics business when they were 18 and 20 years old, respectively. At the time, their “studio” was a wood shed with a dirt floor in Capraia, a tiny village in Tuscany. When they outgrew that space, they moved to their current workshop in Montelupo Fiorentino, about 15 miles outside of Florence.

Patrizio is the more flamboyant painter, while Stefano does the intricate designs and lettering. Over the years, they have hired a few people to help run the business, but the Bartoloni brothers still do almost all the artwork themselves. Their parents have always been involved in the business and their dad still does some of the painting.

Many of the designs painted by the Bartolonis are well-known Tuscan favorites, such as the Limoni, Frutta Venezia, and Rooster motifs. We truly believe that Patrizio and Stefano are the most talented artists painting these designs today and that is why we are so proud to have their work in our collection! Their intricate patterning and rich details bring instant Italian charm to any space in the home.

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