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Ceramiche d’Arte Tuscia

Founded in 1982, Ceramiche d’Arte Tuscia is located in the picturesque hill town of Montelupo Fiorentino, about 15 miles southwest of Florence. Montelupo became a hub of decorative ceramics in the 13th century when Moorish traders, traveling to Florence along the old Roman road, passed right through Montelupo with ceramic wares from Spain. During the Renaissance, artisans in Montelupo began elaborating on the ceramic designs, adding realistic imagery and brighter colors, transforming these ceramics into the high art form they are today.

At Ceramiche d’Arte Tuscia, five local artists work to recreate the centuries-old traditions of Montelupo ceramicists. The shapes, colors, and designs reflect a variety of influences including Arabic, Spanish, and Renaissance Italian.

The Ceramiche d’Arte Tuscia workshop is surrounded by beautiful Tuscan countryside. On my last visit to Tuscia, I found three of the artists busy at work. The small building is like a museum, showcasing all the styles, sizes, and designs they’ve created over the years.

For me, Tuscia’s small workshop represents the best Italian ceramics has to offer. At Tuscia, artists are not just reproducing traditional ceramic pieces; they are creating their own unique artwork in a style that their ancestors have spent 600 years perfecting.

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