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Getting Ready for Fall Entertaining with Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware Ceramica Valenciana

Even in the throws of summer, I have fall entertaining on my mind. I just love the crisp evening air, the teaser of the holidays around the corner and having friends (who are not traveling or skiing!) in town for once. Fall begs for dinner parties and I’m happy to oblige.

spanish dinnerware Ceramica Valenciana

This year I am exploring adding Spanish dinnerware to my collection. As such, I need not look any further than the Ceramica Valenciana dinnerware here at Emilia Ceramics. Ceramica Valenciana’s creations are infused with personality and flare, designed following traditional majolica methods; each piece is handmade and hand painted. These daring pieces can brighten up any party, and I love the variety in styles.

Whimsical Spanish Dinnerware

Spanish Dinnerware Whimsical Collage

Above: Large Plate – El Pájaro / Large Plate – La Mujer / Large Plate – El Animal /
Large Plate – La Valenciana

There is no better way to liven up a gathering than by serving your delicious offerings on fanciful dinnerware. These pieces are unique and full of whimsy, and would even look fantastic as home decor (in fact, lots of folks choose to mount these pieces on their wall). There is no doubt this Spanish dinnerware would be a conversation starter.

Contemporary Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware

Above: Oil & Vinegar Set / Salsa Bowl / Cocina Salad Bowl Set of Mugs – Café and Té

I have a confession. Most of the time, I am a plain-Jane, keep-it-simple kind of gal. That’s one of the reasons these contemporary pieces really speak to me. The pop of color, the simplistic design, the lovely shapes  – these beautiful pieces are subtle, yet sophisticated and would fit in nicely with any other style.

Classic Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware bird plates

Above: Ceramica Valenciana Plates

Somewhere between Ceramica Valenciana’s super-fanciful dishes and their simple, more contemporary pieces, lay the relaxed charm of their dinner and dessert plates. I love these lightweight, animal-inspired dishes!

Will you be adding dinnerware for fall entertaining this year?

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