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Ginger Jar Round Up

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There is no doubt that we are big fans of ginger jars here at Emilia Ceramics. And, why not, they have amazing versatility and can instantly dress up a space. In today’s post, I’m bringing you a round-up of our past blog posts with tips and tricks for incorporating ginger jars of all sizes, shapes, and colors, into your home decor.

Here is my Ginger Jar Round Up!

Pinterest Best: Ginger Jars and Lamps

yellow zigzag ginger jar lampGinger jars, lamps, and ginger jar lamps… this week, I’m doing a pinterest round-up of all my favorites, starting of course with the Black ZigZag Lamps we sell at Emilia Ceramics. The photo above was taken by the talented designer Meredith Beregovski who owns Georgia Street Design in Charlotte. I love the sophistication she brought to these laid back, hand-painted ginger jar lamps!

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5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with Ginger Jars

decorate with ginger jarsGinger jars, known as urns or tibores (as they are called in Mexico), are more than the latest decorating trend. In fact, ginger jars have a long and rich history stemming back to the Qin Dynasty (221 BC–207 BC). Though originally used to ship and store spices, herbs and oils, ginger jars have slowly become a home décor must-have, and why not? Ginger jars are beautiful, versatile and practical, too.

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Black and White Love: Ginger Jars

black and white ginger jarsMy love of black and white is getting a little out of control. Thankfully, this classic combination is a perpetual favorite for both fashion and the home, so I have plenty of ways to indulge. Black and white ginger jars, pillows, vases, throws, trays, shirts, shoes, dresses… the list just goes on. In this first post celebrating black and white together, I’ll take a closer look at an Emilia Ceramics favorite: the black and white chevron ginger jar.

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Your Favorite Ginger Jars From Around the World

ginger jarsGinger jars are a global favorite. Stylish and stunning, they remain a perpetual favorite with Emilia Ceramics customers around the world. Here are some of your (and our!) favorite ginger jars.

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What are your favorite ginger jar decor ideas?

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