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Gorky Gonzalez

Gorky Gonzalez began his career as a painter and sculptor. However, in the early 1960s he came across an antique piece of pottery imported from the Mediterranean and began experimenting with the double glaze technique known as Majolica. The technique, traditionally associated with Spanish colonialism, had been abandoned in Mexico after they gained their independence in the 1820’s.

In 1965, Gorky was granted a scholarship to study pottery in Japan, under the famous artists Tsuji Seimei and Kei Fijiwara. While in Japan, Gorky met his wife Toshiko who returned to Guanajuato with him to open his own ceramic workshop. “The notion of rescuing a forgotten craft – especially one so beautiful – was impossible to resist,” said Gorky in 2002. His success and international recognition demonstrate the irresistible quality of the playful ceramics he has since created.

Gorky now has a team of assistants, including his son (also named Gorky) who goes by the nickname Gogo. Both father and son are exceptionally creative artists – adding their own personal (and at times very modern) stamp on an ancient technique, while maintaining elements of the Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Indigenous-Mexican roots inherent to their craft.

Using clay extracted from the nearby Sierra de Santa Rosa (just like Indian ceramists long before the arrival of the Spaniards in the 1500’s), Gorky’s artists shape the pieces on the potter’s wheel, dry them in adobe-walled storerooms, and bake them in modern electric ovens. The painters use the same double-glaze technique of Majolica, made popular in Italy. While the process is the same and many of the designs are similar, Gorky has definitely put his own spin on the work.

Over the last 50 years, Gorky’s workshop has become one of the most important Majolica studios in Mexico. In 1992 the President of Mexico awarded Gorky Gonzalez the National Award of Sciences and Arts in the field of Popular Art and Traditions for “his exceptional contribution to Mexican popular art.” We’re happy to have become friends with the Gonzalez family and super proud to offer an extensive collection of their best work.

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