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Italian Coffee Mugs Guaranteed to Transport You to Tuscany

Italian coffee mugThere are few things I love more than coffee. Sure, I love my kids, my hubby and my sweet pooch but I can’t (or maybe I’m not willing to) tolerate them until after my morning dose.  It may have been all those years working late shifts at a restaurant that got me hooked, but it was most definitely a trip to Italy that deepened my passion.

Great coffee is on every street corner in Italy and just like with pasta, Italian coffee is an art form. There are different types of coffee for every time of day, ways to order it and even to drink it. Needless to say, Italians drink their coffee – as with everything else – with passion and flare!

The same can be said for fine Italian ceramics. So, when I discovered these swoon-worthy hand painted Italian coffee mugs, I was immediately transported back to my amazing trip to Italy where my love of coffee intensified.

Blu Limoni Mug

hand painted italian coffee mug

Colorful, durable and absolutely adorable. This cheerful coffee mug takes me right back to the coastal Cinque Terra region of Italy. I just love these bright yellow lemons against the crisp blue background.

Tuscan Fruit Mug



The warm gold and purple in this Italian coffee mug are simply delicious. Talk about adding an Italian flair to your morning addiction! This piece of Italian ceramic reminds me of the colorful markets in Florence.

Fiori Mug

hand painted italian coffee mugs

A bit more buttoned up, yet still with flair, this Fiori Mug transports me to fashion-forward Milan. I love its subtle and feminine lines, but think it’s masculine enough to even make my husband a convert to the frills.

Hand painted Italian coffee mugs can do more than simply act as a vessel for coffee-delivery. There is a story behind each of these mugs and for travelers like myself, taking a trip back to a place that I adored on a daily basis is priceless.

Which Italian coffee mugs are your faves?