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Part I: This Year’s Fresh Fall Designs


It’s official – the weather is starting to change and I’m beginning to feel the transition to autumn. Every year around this time, I’m sad to have to say goodbye to the past few months of outdoor activities. The good news is I get to cozy up inside my home. As I do, I look for inspiration in the newest trends in décor.

This year, I’ve noticed a few fresh fall designs worth mentioning. The first…

Letting Neutrals Lead



I love white space. It creates a clean backdrop and allows the mind to open to new, fresh creative potential.

Relying upon neutral as the primary ‘color’ in any room may seem boring, but allowing your space to leverage its natural palette presents the freedom to punctuate the room with interesting textures and meaningful accents.

For a lighter yet elegant feel, play with adding accent pieces in pastels and softer hues. Emphasizing minimalism, especially in small spaces, keeps the space open and airy. Adding a metallic accent or two is simple and can brighten the room. For some inspiration, check out this post by Dwell about neutrals and soft pastels.

Extra Large Blue ZigZag Tibor by Talavera Vazquez (Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico)

On another note, incorporating the natural materials already in your space allows nature to drive the design approach. I’m a huge fan of exposed wood, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated style, you can incorporate finishes in greys or whites; simply look to the undertones in the grain for color cues. For tips on how to stylishly mix wood and other natural textures into your home decor, read through these guidelines from Remodelaholic. To keep the room from feeling too rustic, feature décor with softer patterns and colors. My preference is to rely on finishing touches in stripes or zigzag, in classic colors like blue or yellow. In fact, one of my Mexican pottery ginger jars would be a perfect addition to a space like this.

Dolores Vase by Talavera Vazquez (Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico)

In any room with a neutral palette, I like to add a few elements of intrigue. Introduce something unexpected to punch up the space. To give character to any room, look for a unique piece of artwork or accent furniture and top it with a bold statement piece, like a Pavo Real Tibor or Paloma Vase.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at two other trends I’m loving this season: mixing materials & patterns, and combining vintage with artisan goods. In the meantime, head over to the Emilia Ceramics Pinterest page for inspiration boards on designing with neutrals and these other fresh fall designs.