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Part II: This Year’s Fall Design Trends

In my last post, I took a look at one of my favorite trends from this year’s fall designs. If you missed it, read what I shared about letting neutrals lead in Part 1 of This Year’s Fresh Fall Designs.

To continue the discussion of this year’s hottest design styles, here is another trend I’ve become inspired by and am currently loving.

Mixing Materials and Patterns

When exploring how to design with neutrals, I suggested adding metallic accents to brighten a neutral room. Whether you’re a minimalist or just the opposite, adding a metallic touch to any space can be edgy and elegant. While gold or silver were once the only metal options in home décor, the emergence of bronze, copper, rose gold, and other metallics means we can now get much more personalized in how we finish a room.

Rooster Creamer by Ceramiche Bartoloni (Montelupo, Italy)

Beyond metallic accents, mixing metals is big this year. To make a bold statement, look to larger furniture for opportunities to marry wood and metal. If you think leaning too much on metal means you’ll end up with a space that feels industrial, don’t worry. You can create a more feminine, chic look by bringing in frames or lighting fixtures in gold, silver or bronze. Then, soften the space with pillows, a throw or a rug in any pattern. For inspiration, here’s a look book of stylish ways to mix metals from HGTV.

In the kitchen, transitioning from tile or granite to stainless steel finishes and appliances can transform this shared space into a contemporary one. Plus, having this type of clean palette makes way for creative patterns used in ceramics or other artwork. Leaning on Italian artistry may feel most accessible, and it clearly offers a classic look. To add an element of fun, look to Richard Esteban’s whimsical French pieces in polka dots and other fun patterns.

Utensilios Holder by Ceramica Valenciana (Valencia, Spain)

When considering how to mix materials in the kitchen, subtle sophistication is key. Keeping to two or three types of materials for the finishes can offer enough variation. In this case, you might opt for straightforward décor with clean lines and solid colors. This Acacia Cheese Board could be hung on a backsplash as a nod to wood flooring or cabinets with a similar color or grain pattern. When other elements take the lead, also consider keeping with black and white for your pottery. Great ideas include this black and white pitcher or a set of chalk white dishware.

Amor Platter by Gorky Gonzalez (Guanajuato, Mexico)

To spice up the space, add a bold statement piece (similar to one of my suggestions for decorating in neutral rooms in the first part of this series).

Many of the pieces by Gorky Gonzalez could become gorgeous statement pieces in the kitchen, such as this platter or large bowl. For more ideas, read this post by Decoist to review the most current kitchen-specific trends.

To round out my thoughts on trendy fall designs, stay tuned for the final post of this series: combining vintage pieces with artisan goods.