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Part III: Fresh Fall Design Trends This Year

In Part 2 of my look at fresh fall design trends this year, I reviewed options for how to add metallic accents and mix metals and woods when designing in the home. And since winter has yet to hit Colorado, there’s still time to experiment with the third and final trend among this year’s seasonal décor styles.

From leading with neutrals to mixing materials and patterns, this is probably my favorite among the three trends I’ve explored this season.

Combining Vintage with Artisan Goods

The ‘vintage modern’ trend first hit the scene in the mid-2000s. For years, it showed up across blogs and in various interior design magazines. Even before this buzzword took hold, we seemed to maintain a soft spot for returning to old trends that were once new – regardless of the decade. This year, we’ve noticed a new slant on incorporating vintage: bringing together old designs and handmade, one-of-a-kind accents.

I believe this trend’s popularity is more than simply for the sake of design. Consumers have become much more socially-conscious, and are now more driven toward making purchases that support small businesses or smaller communities around the world. Whether locally made or globally sourced, I’m seeing many more artisan products combined with vintage finds, and they’re more accessible, (and often mass produced) than ever before.

Mini Bowl – Wild Flower Bouquet by Sylvie Duriez (Pertuis, France)

Similar to the second post in this series about fresh fall designs, let’s review how to bring this trend into the kitchen and dining room.

First, think common sense finishes for the highest use areas, such as counter tops. Using solid stone or single color tiling for surfaces and backsplashes, keep with stainless steel for the major appliances to give the room a modern foundation. Then, look to smaller appliances with a retro design when adding a mixer, coffee maker and toaster to the countertop space. For affordability when purchasing these types of items, visit retailers like Target for various options.
Of course, you can go retro with the larger appliances as well, with companies like Big Chill. Countertops and open cabinets or shelving can then hold space for handmade items. For a feminine touch, consider a bowl or pitcher by Sylvie Duriez. To introduce a subtle accent, I suggesting using a collection of these small bowls to hold everyday items, such as tea bags or sugar packets.

Capelo Pitcher by Capelo (Guanajuato, Mexico)

The dining room offers the opportunity to bring in standout vintage and artisan pieces that play well off of each other. Here is where you can get really creative. Combine an Early American or Colonial table and chair set with a Shaker style storage cabinet or buffet. Then, add a classic lighting fixture and bar cart. All of these present surfaces for featuring artisan items, like a beautifully-painted bowl by Capelo. Top your vintage table with an Acacia Cutting Board and this Capelo Pitcher, and consider adding a few varying sized vases to the nearby utility pieces.

Large Rouen Colore Lamp by Ceramiche Darte Tuscia (Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy)

The same approach can be applied in the bedroom. The bed itself and a side table or two are the bulkiest items in the room. Whether you go modern or vintage there, soften up the corners of your space with a handcrafted table lamp and delicate, complementary items.

If you’re still unsure how to use this fall design trend in your home, start by better understanding how to mix modern and vintage. Here is a set of sample homes from that do just that. From there, it’s as easy as watching out for artisan goods that speak to you. I’d suggest you start now, since you’re already here…