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Poterie Ravel

Most famous for their terracotta pots, Poterie Ravel sells to luxury hotels and restaurants throughout France and around the world. However, they also excel in hand-crafted pitchers, vases, platters, and bowls, sold exclusively from their studio in Aubagne.

Founded in 1837, Poterie Ravel is a 5th generation family-run business. Now owned and run by two friendly sisters, the company remains focused on their tradition of high quality craftsmanship. Each piece is stamped with the Poterie Ravel logo and the initials of the individual artist who made it.

I visited Poterie Ravel for the first time in the spring of 2007 and was impressed by their incredible range of ceramics. The showroom is spacious and the workshop bustling. Whether it’s large pots or small bowls, each piece shows a dedication to detail and the perfect balance of a traditional and modern charm.

On my most recent trip to France I really enjoyed talking with co-owner Marion (who speaks perfect English) and attempting to communicate with a few women working in the showroom that day. I am thrilled to finally add Poterie Ravel’s beautiful work to the Emilia Ceramics collection and expect to add much more in the future.

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