Because each piece in the Emilia Ceramics collection is handcrafted, no two are exactly the same and the occasional glaze variation or uneven surface is inevitable. Far from detracting from the piece's beauty, these imperfections are a reflection of the human hands that crafted it and add to its unique personality.

Pair of Barn Red Ice Cream Bowls


The festive polka-dots on these bowls are one of the artist’s signature decorations. Available in a slightly larger and smaller size, I consider this size to be the perfect for ice cream. They also make great serving dishes for salsa, nuts, or olives. However they’re used, they’re sure to add French country charm to your kitchen. Dishwasher and microwave safe. (Also available individually for $32 each and as a set of 4 for $116)

4.75w x 2.75h each