Because each piece in the Emilia Ceramics collection is handcrafted, no two are exactly the same and the occasional glaze variation or uneven surface is inevitable. Far from detracting from the piece's beauty, these imperfections are a reflection of the human hands that crafted it and add to its unique personality.

Set of 4 Zulu Placemats in Natural


100% Cotton and Fair Trade. 20′ x 14′ each.

These understated placemats are full of character. That’s because they were handwoven from hand-dyed, 100% Ethiopian cotton.

All of our table linens support sustainable employment, access to health care and a savings fund for the local artisans in Ethiopia. From beginning to end the design and creation of these textiles provides a practical foundation for an improved lifestyle for the artisans, which includes a deep appreciation of the Ethiopian cultural heritage and traditions.

Care Instructions: Wash with mild soap in cool water. Machine dry on low or hang to dry, but not in direct sun for long periods. Ironing with steam works best.