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Valentine’s Gifts to Suit Your Loved One’s Passion

The holiday of love is almost upon us and you might be expecting the usual flowers, chocolates or jewelry again this year. Or, perhaps you and your significant other decided to forego material gifts this year in favor of quality time with one another. If that isn’t the case, and you’re hoping to receive something unique this Valentine’s Day, consider finding a way to slip a link to this post to your loved one. Here at Emilia Ceramics, we’d like to see your love celebrated with the gift of a ceramic treasure from one of our talented artists.

Below, we showcase a few such ideas, characterized by a specific passion your partner might recognize in you.

For the Wine Enthusiast

Vino Cups by Ceramica Valenciana (Valencia, Spain)

The wine loving woman in your life appreciates nice things and just another bottle of good wine isn’t special enough for this occasion. Luckily, we have many gift options for the vino-inclined. A classic is this Black Striped Wine Bottle Holder by Talavera Vazquez. If she’s drawn to old-world design, she might appreciate the Antique Vino Pitcher… Or for a more irreverent oenophile, these Vino Cups by Ceramica Valenciana are pure fun. If she has everything a wine drinker already needs and then some, a fun add on to a quality bottle of her favorite wine would be any of our wine stoppers, like this Fiore Wine Cork by Ceramiche D’Arte Tuscia in Montelupo Florentino, Italy.

For more ideas, check out all our Wine Accessories or our special gift-giving section for Wine Enthusiasts.

For the Creative Chef

White Footed Serving Dish by Ceramica Valenciana (Valencia, Spain)

When gifting your loved one who loves to spend time in the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with serving ware or table accessories. A few of my favorites for anyone who loves to be creative when cooking: the Cherry
Spoon Rest
, by Ceramiche D’Arte Tuscia; the Burnt Honey Etched Trivet by artist, Richard Esteban from Aigues-Vives, France; and this timeless White Footed Serving Dish by Ceramica Valenciana.

To see more, shop Serving Dishes >>

For the Dessert Lover

Gogo Square Plates by Gorky Gonzalez (Guanajuato, Mexico)

If your partner has a certain affinity for the “sweeter” things in life, give her a gift that will help her bake or serve her favorite dessert. Small appetizer dishes are perfect for dishing up chocolate truffles or petit fours. Especially for a more delicate or intricate dessert, small plates that offer a blank canvas are best, such as the Gogo Square Plates in five fun colors. For a light-hearted dessert lover, the Wildflower Bouquet Cookie Plate is a great idea, as are any of the small pieces created by French artist, Sylvie Duriez. As a compliment to any of these, think about coffee drinking accouterment, such as this San Miguel Mini Creamer and the San Miguel Sugar Bowl.

For more dessert-friendly gift ideas, check out our Footed Platters and Bowls, (great for displaying cakes, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes) or our collection of Appetizer and Mini Plates.

Beyond just gift ideas, my advice is to always think outside the box when shopping for that special someone. Try to picture yourself, as them, doing something they love to spend time doing and get creative from that perspective. And remember, provided your gift is picked out with the intent of wanting to make your loved one happy, you really can’t go wrong!

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Getting Ready for Fall Entertaining with Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware Ceramica Valenciana

Even in the throws of summer, I have fall entertaining on my mind. I just love the crisp evening air, the teaser of the holidays around the corner and having friends (who are not traveling or skiing!) in town for once. Fall begs for dinner parties and I’m happy to oblige.

spanish dinnerware Ceramica Valenciana

This year I am exploring adding Spanish dinnerware to my collection. As such, I need not look any further than the Ceramica Valenciana dinnerware here at Emilia Ceramics. Ceramica Valenciana’s creations are infused with personality and flare, designed following traditional majolica methods; each piece is handmade and hand painted. These daring pieces can brighten up any party, and I love the variety in styles.

Whimsical Spanish Dinnerware

Spanish Dinnerware Whimsical Collage

Above: Large Plate – El Pájaro / Large Plate – La Mujer / Large Plate – El Animal /
Large Plate – La Valenciana

There is no better way to liven up a gathering than by serving your delicious offerings on fanciful dinnerware. These pieces are unique and full of whimsy, and would even look fantastic as home decor (in fact, lots of folks choose to mount these pieces on their wall). There is no doubt this Spanish dinnerware would be a conversation starter.

Contemporary Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware

Above: Oil & Vinegar Set / Salsa Bowl / Cocina Salad Bowl Set of Mugs – Café and Té

I have a confession. Most of the time, I am a plain-Jane, keep-it-simple kind of gal. That’s one of the reasons these contemporary pieces really speak to me. The pop of color, the simplistic design, the lovely shapes  – these beautiful pieces are subtle, yet sophisticated and would fit in nicely with any other style.

Classic Spanish Dinnerware

spanish dinnerware bird plates

Above: Ceramica Valenciana Plates

Somewhere between Ceramica Valenciana’s super-fanciful dishes and their simple, more contemporary pieces, lay the relaxed charm of their dinner and dessert plates. I love these lightweight, animal-inspired dishes!

Will you be adding dinnerware for fall entertaining this year?

spanish_mugsExplore our collection of Spanish dinnerware here



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Spanish Dinnerware – A Lifetime of Love

For newly engaged couples, determining what dinnerware to register for can be a daunting task. There are so many patterns, pieces and formality involved. How can you decide what tableware is the right fit for you? And, whether you will love it for many years to come?

Enter the Spanish dinnerware pieces by Ceramica Valenciana!

Ceramica Valenciana dinnerware is infused with personality and flare, and always created following traditional majolica methods; each piece is handmade and hand painted. There is variety, yet a common thread. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, contemporary or classic look, Ceramica Valenciana is sure to deliver.

Contemporary Spanish Dinnerware

If you’re a more modern couple, you’ll love the clean lines of the contemporary pieces. These beautiful pieces are simple, yet stylish and will fit in nicely with any other style.

Spanish Dinnerware Contemporary Collage


Above: Oil & Vinegar Set, Salsa Bowl, Cocina Salad Bowl, Little Square Plate – Blue,  Little Square Bowl – Blue, Little Square Plate – Red, Little Square Plate & Bowl – Red

Traditional Spanish Dinnerware

If you’re whimsical, the fanciful pieces may be for you. These special pieces are ones you will certainly be passing along to your children. Many couples choose to mount these unique pieces on their walls for fun wall decor.

Spanish Dinnerware Whimsical Collage

Above: Large Plate – El PájaroLarge Plate – La Mujer, Large Plate – El Animal, Large Plate – La Valenciana

Classic Spanish Dinnerware

Perhaps you would want Spanish dinnerware that incorporates modern elements with a bit of relaxed charm? These pieces are a fantastic combination of the two styles.


snail platter 650

Above: Caracol Dinner Plate, Pajaro Dessert Plate, Pavo Real Dessert Plate, Caracol Serving Platter- Large

Best of all, however, all these Spanish dinnerware pieces are easy to mix-and-match for an eclectic feel. I love that their style elements are those in which growing families can add on to, and these wonderful pieces are hand crafted by true artisans. Think about the lifetime of love you’ll get from adding Spanish dinnerware to your gift registry.

Tips for registering for dinnerware

Before you head out to register for your wedding gifts, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Determine how many settings to register for by asking yourself – how often do you plan on entertaining? How many guests would you anticipate to host? Six to eight place settings is a good place to start, but I would err on the higher end and even consider registering for twelve settings. You never know when you’ll want to go bigger.

2.  Sit down with your fiancé and determine your combined style. Many couples these days are coming into relationships with their own full set of dinnerware. Do you want to combine the two? Start from scratch? What look and feel do want? Discussing this before you register is a good idea.

3. Once you have figured out your style, you’ll need to decide whether to register for two settings: one formal, one everyday. Couples these days are more often opting for one nicer everyday set. According to POPSUGAR, a place setting consists of: dinner plate, salad plate, bread & butter plate, and cup & saucer – soup bowls are usually not part of the setting, but also make a nice addition to the registry.

4. Good Housekeeping recommends couples not fall into the “trend” trap by registering for pieces that fall into “traditional,” “contemporary” or “classic” design category. The last thing you want to do is load up on dinnerware that you’ll fall out of love with in a few years.

Ready to add a lifetime of love with Spanish dinnerware to your registry? Sign up for the Emilia Ceramics gift registry here. 



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Ceramica Valenciana

The full name of Ceramica Valenciana is La Cerámica Valenciana de José Gimeno, established in 1925. This family-run business makes a full range of Spanish ceramics. Most famous for tiles (known as Azulejos in Spain) and reproductions of traditional pieces from the 18th century, they also create many modern pieces, from lamps and canisters to dishes and bowls.

Ceramica Valenciana’s high quality ceramics has earned the studio a variety of honors and awards. They won the Manises “Qualitat i Disseny” award in 1994, 1997, and 2000; the Alfa Gold Award in 1980, 2000, and 2002; and the NOVA for craft (the highest award from the Generalitat Valenciana) in 2006.

But even with all these modern accolades, the artists at Ceramica Valenciana still stick to their traditional majolica methods. Pieces are all handmade and hand-painted, which gives every jar, plate, bowl, and vase a truly unique character. The workshop still occupies the original space and is an absolutely stunning building. The architecture is eye-catching and the perfect home for the seemingly endless amounts of ceramic masterpieces the artists create.

Ceramica Valenciana was one of the reasons I started Emilia Ceramics years ago. I love  how their ceramics combine tradition, innovation, and fun Spanish personality.

View Ceramica Valenciana’s work
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