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Talavera Vázquez

Talavera Vázquez is a fourth generation family-run business located in the small town of Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico. Felipe Vázquez Gutiérrez, who started the business 90 years ago, was known as a pioneer in the pottery world because he introduced new and unconventional artistic designs, while continuing to adhere to traditional techniques of high quality craftsmanship.

Today Talavera Vázquez employs five talented designers who create innovative shapes and styles that truly set their pottery apart. Bringing these designs to life are two artists responsible for throwing the clay pieces and 12 more who hand-paint them.

What I love about Talavera Vázquez ceramics is the contemporary and fun twist they put on traditional patterns. Their tibores (ginger jars), vases, bowls, planters, lamps, and other ceramics feature bold colors that combine authentic Mexican flavor with modern sophistication.

As the business has grown, Talavera Vázquez has remained dedicated to its focus on originality, with talented designers encouraged to create their own unique styles. Each time I visit I am overwhelmed by how warm, welcoming, and friendly the family and small staff are — Talavera Vázquez is definitely a family-run business that I am proud to support and whose handcrafted artwork I am honored to offer my customers.

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